Greeting of the Director

Dear Postgraduate Candidate, 

Welcome to the website of the Postgraduate Program in Business Administration – Total Quality International (MBA TQM International) of the Department of Business Administration and Management of the University of Piraeus. In the modern, complex, internationalized and dynamically changing economic and business environment, companies and organizations face complex challenges of competition, cost, organization, reorganization and timely integration of the prospects offered by technological developments in their business practice. The ultimate goal is to expand their turnover through innovation, increasing the quality of their products and services, as well as highlighting their overall customer focus. The structure and content of the curriculum of the Postgraduate Program in Business Administration – Total Quality International  is comparable to that of the leading universities abroad, supported by features such as the introduction of innovative methods and procedures of learning, the strengthening of interdisciplinarity, the extroverted orientation with our integration into national  and international cooperation and mobility networks. 

Since its founding (1994), it is a member of EFQM (EUROPEAN FOUNDATION FOR QUALITY MANAGEMENT), which is the creator of the Business Excellence Model (EFQM Excellence Model). 

The characteristics of this innovative and unique in Greece Postgraduate Program, set the basis for preparing active or future executives of companies and organizations to successfully face the aforementioned challenges, having a dual character and it is full-time or part-time. 

The professors of our Postgraduate Program have a decisive contribution in ensuring the quality of studies. Their rich research and writing work is internationally recognized and combines theoretical training with practical knowledge since many of them have worked – collaborated with large public and private sector organizations. 

The University, the Professors, the multidimensional background of the students of a regular class and the multifaceted initiatives of the Postgraduate Program, cultivate an excellent learning environment that promotes the comprehension of knowledge, forms a distinct learning experience and ensures the conditions for the fruition of the unique goals for professional career – development of our postgraduate students. 

 I encourage you, therefore, to be partakers of the exceptional reputation that the Postgraduate Program enjoys in practice and with the certainty of the aforementioned, I invite you to the only Postgraduate Program in Greece in Business Administration (MBA), with specialization in Total Quality Management. 

Professor Michael Sfakianakis

Director of MBA TQM International